About Us

CMBernardini S.p.A is an internationally recognised Company providing Technologies and complete Plants for the Vegetable Oil and Oleochemical industries. Since its establishment, CMBernardini is committed to a continuous improvement of its know-how with the primary target of pursuing technological excellence. The Company owns in-house technologies covering the complete range of Vegetable Oil and Oleochemical processing. More than 1,400 process units have been supplied under the Bernardini’s name in around 80 different Countries.


The CMBernardini quality system totally matches the ISO 9001:2008 requirements. A well-organised Technical Department integrated in the CMBernardini organization provides the following services:


Basic and Detailed Engineering Packages
Project Management and Control
Construction and start-up supervision services at the jobsite
Training of Client’s Plant operators
“After sale” assistance
(troubleshooting, technological upgrades, spare parts supply, etc.)


Critical equipment are manufactured by a highly specialised workshop under the complete and direct control and supervision of CMBernardini.


Bought-out equipment are sourced from international qualified Vendors whose list is continuously monitored and updated.


The CMBernardini headquarters and workshop are integrated in an area of more than 30,000 m2 located in Cisterna di Latina an important industrial district 50 km south of Rome.


CMBernardini supports the construction and supply of non-critical equipment and materials in Clients’ countries in order to minimize the foreign portion of the investment. CMBernardini provides complete engineering documents for the construction or the procurement of such equipment and components.

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