Oilseed Preparation

Oilseed Preparation

Seed preparation process tor many type of seed basically includes:

It is used in the preparation of oilseeds prior to expelling or solvent extraction.
It is performed by means of cracking mills, single or double pass, which are composed of corrugated roller mills cracking mills carry out the essential first step by breaking raw material into small uniform pieces.

It aims at obtaining, by means of cookers-conditioners, the best conditions prior to flaking by heating and adjusting the moisture content of the various oil-bearing materials to be subjected to prepressing or extraction processes for the removal of the fat contained therein.

It is performed by means of flaking mills, which are equipped with smooth rolls.

They are particularly suitable for flaking oilseeds
(specially soybean) before solvent extraction or pre-pressing in order to obtain a very low residual oil content in the meal after the extraction process.

In connection with the supply of solvent extraction plants, CMBernardini, when required, supplies pressing plants for pre-pressing , full pressing and cold pressing. Presses are selected from qualified suppliers available on the market in accordance with the raw material and product characteristics.

It is especially designed for large capacities.
Pre-pressing is used to process seeds having a high oil content, which needs to be partially pressed before being de-oiled by solvent extraction.
This system is complete with a system to filtrate or centrifuge the oil before it is sent to storage.

It is generally used for small or medium capacities. It allows to extract as much oil as possible by means of mechanical pressing.
Also this system is complete with oil filtration or centrifugation system.

Cold pressing is used to obtain a good oil quality from seeds, or biological Production Seed preparation prior to extraction differs according to the seed to be processed.

This step is very important as it affects final oil yield and product quality.

Technology for vegetable oil Plants

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Oilseed Preparation

Optimization of seeds for extraction, through processes like cracking, flaking, cooking-conditioning and pre-pressing.

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