CM Bernardini International S.p.A. congratulates with El Renieris for this important achievement!

We are extremely glad that our Client El Renieris have been able to smoothly put in operation our Glycidyl Esters (GE) removal process unit.
The new installed unit is the state-of-the-art technology for the GE removal, it was designed and manufactured in Italy by CM Bernardini International.
Such unit is enabling El Renieris to be one of the first Companies worldwide implementing a valid solution for the minimization of the GE contaminant in pomace oil.

The design and engineering of the plant done by CM Bernardini made it possible for El Renieris to successfully start-up the plant autonomously, without the need for our commissioning team to be present.

Our plants are always engineered to be Customer oriented, that is why our motto is “Passion for Plants”!

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