CMBernardini news - Argan, the gold of Morocco


Morocco has the largest production of Argan oil in the World, only a small part of which comes from Mexico.
Argan oil has many beneficial properties and is used both in cosmetics and for food.

Argan oil is usually extracted by hand, in small quantities, and then treated.
There is a great demand for this product on the market, even hard to satisfy.

CMBernardini has designed and tested for one of our Customers a plant processing (automatically) these precious seeds.
In collaboration with a French company, it was possible to study the dehulling and pressing processes at an industrial level and testing the real production capacities in a pilot plant up to the obtainment of the oil which – based on the tests – proved to be suitable for both cosmetic and food use.
At the end of the experiment, the processed oil was subjected to laboratory analysis in order to be officially classified.

CMBernardini news - argan oil, the gold of Morocco

Argan oil has a great value in cosmetics. The seeds must be treated very lightly and in the various processes the temperature must never fall below 35°C. Once treated, it is clear, almost colourless and of high purity.

Seeds for the food industry – which are less extensive than those for cosmetics – are toasted before the oil is extracted.
As a result, the extracted oil is slightly more amber-coloured and has a distinct toasted taste.
Argan oil treated for the food market is processed biologically until it is palatable and retains its natural properties.

On this basis of study, CMBernardini has realized a bivalent plant, able to process Argan seeds for both purposes at industrial level and of which all the equipment has been designed and built inside CMBernardini Workshop, under the constant monitoring both of the Experts who have followed all the study phases, and of the Engineering Department.

Currently, the assembly of the plant is being completed and it will be commissioned & started-up as soon as possible, bringing to the market:

  • 3,000 T/year of oil for cosmetic use;
  • 1,000 T/year of oil for food use.

There is no other plant of this type in the world, which is once again proof of CMBernardini’s great customisation and Customers care attitude.