Meet CMBernardini’s team


The team of CMBernardini is made up of heavy skilled professionals, some of the most efficient and reliable workers in the field of technologies for the vegetable and oleochemical industries.

Our total workforce includes approximately 80 people among whom there are highly qualified technicians and engineers with a deep knowledge about oils and fats management. They have also a long experience in very different markets, clients and local conditions that gave them a strong know-how. This knowledge suits the most stringent requirements in terms of plant capital and operating costs, environment protection and pollution control, automation and computerized operations.

We will take care of all your needs

CMBernardini’s team will take care of all the needs and requests of its customers combining innovation, reliability and helpfulness.

At the roots of the success of CMBernardini designing and manufacturing plants for Edible Oils treatments, there is the quality of the people and their continuous desire to innovate and improve.

Each member of the CMBernardini’s group is empowered by the tools and the know-how built in the company during years spent developing the best plants and solutions for edible oil and biodiesel management.