Mission and Vision

How to achieve success in the oleochemical industry

CMBernardini: strong relationships, fast delivery and high reliability are the pillars of its mission and the key to fullfil clients requests

CMBernardini has one, fundamental mission to pursuit: the total customer satisfaction. As an international designer and manufacturer of plants for the Vegetable Oil and Oleochemical industries, CMBernardini found some vertical key points, essentials to reach its final goal.

Strong Relationship

CMBernardini achieved its great worldwide reputation in the edible oil and biodiesel management building daily relations with customers, that don’t look to the company only like a provider but like a consultant, improving their trust and considering CMBernardini like a partner, always close to them.

Fast Delivery

Well done is not enough. For CMBernardini the delivery of a design or a project must be done within expected timings and must fit with client’s needs.

High Reliability

The field of oils and fats treatment is very challenging. The quality, the speed, the nearness with is a key point concerning both the way we work and the systems we use. For this reason, CMBernardini is compliant with the highest requests in terms of certifications. Its quality system totally matches the ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

Competitive Price

One of the greatest challenges during a deal is to be competitive in terms of costs. To be interesting to the customer we are able to offer a smart combination of top level plants and technologies, greatest projects and attractive price offers.

CMBernardini is committed to purse technological excellence through a continuous improvement of its know-how. Relying on a team of skilled professional, CMBernardini aims to provide the best and unique solutions for customers. To do so, the goal is to understand needs of clients and to develop and supply sustainable and efficient technologies of superior quality.

Its vision includes a deep interest in technological development, loyalty and trust also towards its partners and employees all over the world and the strive to remain a leader in the field of technologies for the vegetable and oleochemical industries and plants.