Customer Service

Customer service for oil plant equipments

CMBernardini: efficient and reliable presales and aftersales customer service. Supervision, spare parts supply, evaluation of plant equipment, training and upgrades.

Customer Service

Our company is always close to its Customers, worldwide.
We work together with our Clients, operating directly or through certified partners on field, to solve every kind of trouble concerning not only the management of plants but also acting in a proactive way to improve the activities leaded by the final User.

We create a stable and continuous connection with our Customers, and this kind of relationship make us improving enormously the added value of our products, services and plants.

CMBernardini qualified staff can support its Clients by providing the following services:

  • Research & laboratory analysis, process development
  • Process & product testing on pilot plants
  • Custom tailored products formulation
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Process and detail engineering design
  • Equipment fabrication and procurement
  • Plant skid – mounting
  • Supervision to plant installation and start up
  • Turn-key project
  • Training of operators
  • Spare parts supply
  • After sale technical assistance
  • Plant revamping, upgrading, capacity increase
  • Project financing
  • Partnership
  • Troubleshooting
  • Plant performance (product quality, energy consumption, plant operation reliability) evaluation and optimization
  • Evaluation of plant equipment operating conditions far planned maintenance (mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control)
  • Customer’s personnel training
  • Advisory service on new technologies, new equipment available on the market, improvements of plant operation, safety etc.
  • Study and proposal for plant revamping and capacity increase

We invite our regular and new Customers to contact us to discuss the service that is more suitable to their needs.

Technology for vegetable oil Plants

technology oilseed preparation cmbernardini
Oilseed Preparation

Optimization of seeds for extraction, through processes like cracking, flaking, cooking-conditioning and pre-pressing.

Oil extraction cmbernardini technology
Oil Extraction

Top level technologies and processes to obtain excellent vegetable oils through cold pressing and solvent extraction.

technology Oil & Fats Refining cmbernardini
Oils & Fats Refining

Processes to obtain the best products reducing to a minimum the requirements of energy and bleaching earths, floor area and labor.

technology Oleochemical cmbernardini

High quality oleochemical processes including fat splitting, fatty acids distillation and fractionation.

technology biodiesel

Technologies and products particularly efficient in the biodiesel and biofuel production, obtained from renewable sources.

technology special plant cmbernardini
Special Plant

Design and realization of tailor-made plants, following every kind of customized production needs of customers.