dry fractionation

DRY FRACTIONATION: a proven tech for green chemistry

The dry fractionation, starting from a mix of fatty acids, allows to obtain oleic acid, to be the base raw material of the downstream processes of green chemistry.

Once again CMBernardini proves to have a state-of-the-art technology, supported by facts, which manages to combine an excellent final product quality with absolutely advantageous costs.

A fatty acid dry fractionation system designed and built entirely by CMBernardini has been in operation at full capacity for almost two years, successfully implemented in a plant built in South Korea.

This plant, able to work optimally both starting from vegetable fatty acids and animal fatty acids, has a production capacity of more than 50 TPD. Currently the system operates starting from fatty acids from animal fats, obtaining a product of excellent quality thanks to the optimization made by CMBernardini.

Generally more difficult to process than vegetable oils fatty acids, animal fats fatty acids are a raw material that for most of our Clients represents a challenge in terms of product final specification and optimized yield.


Thanks to the intense R&D activities done by CMBer Team, it was able to obtain excellent results with a plant having the following main characteristics:

  • The Crystallizers are designed with optimized cooling system. This cooling system allows uniform heat transfer and constant gentle mixing, making the process more controllable.
  • The cooling media temperature varies according to the crystallization phase and oil/fat temperature. Low and constant delta T between cooling media and oil/fat helps to keep a low heat transfer and correct growing speed of crystals.
  • Variable filter squeezing pressure the obtain higher yields, while increasing the life of filter’s membranes.


Once again, CMBer was standing beside his Client to ensure that this important investment became a successful project.

The final product is then used by our Client for downstream processes also in green chemistry, showing once more the importance of this project  in terms of sustainability and circular economy.

The umpteenth challenge faced and won by the CMBernardini team, always in support of Customers to help them achieving an increasingly circular and green economy.


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