CMB Engineering Services

CMB Engineering Services for Oils & Fats, Oleochemicals and Biodiesel

CMB Engineering services for vegetable oil extraction, refining and fat modification plants, and for oleochemicals and biodiesel plants.

Engineering services

CMBernardini is able to develop best-in-class Engineering Services, using all data needed to create plants for Oils & Fats, oleochemical and biodiesel industries.

Our expertise allows us to provide the complete technical support, from the design until the start-up and operation of your new plant.

Basic Engineering Package

The Basic Engineering Package defines the starting point of a project. This project phase represents the foundation of the design input that will be followed by the project execution.
The Basic Engineering Package is the milestone from which the development of the plant can start.

CMBernardini basic engineering packages includes:

  • Basis of Design
  • Process Description
  • Process Flow Diagram
  • Mass and heat balance
  • Utility list
  • Equipment List and Equipment Process Data Sheets
  • Piping and Instrument Diagram
  • Preliminary Plant Equipment Layout
  • Preliminary Process Operating Instructions
  • Rough capital cost and operating cost estimation

Detailed Engineering Package

Detailed Engineering purpose, is to provide an extreme elaboration and development of every aspect related to the realization/construction of the plant, through a deep description with modeling, drawings and technical specifications.
This phase also includes procurement activities. More generally, the detailed engineering studies aim at preparing and authorizing the proper start of the actual/real construction.

CMBernardini detailed engineering packages includes:

  • Layout planning and detailed coordination/clarification of details
  • Inventory taking on site
  • Design of pipe layout and instrumentation
  • Arrangement of components
  • Calculation of material requirements and technical specifications
  • Definition of interfaces
  • Configuration and dimensioning of instrumentation and control equipment
  • Technical description of the processes
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Monitoring of time schedules
  • Process optimization
  • Documentation
  • Use of computer aided engineering (CAE) tool

Feasibility Study

CMBernardini provides to assess and evaluate new projects focusing on technical feasibility and commercial profitability of new plants for refining edible oils, animal fats, oleochemicals and biodiesel.
The Feasibility Study involves the economic, legal, technological, cost and other parameters to analyze the whole project.
In general, the Feasibility Study is a preliminary study that CMBernardini carries out in the early stage of the project of a new plant.

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

This is a deeper step to evaluate in an accurate way the TIC (Total Investment Cost). CMBernardini provides an estimation and a development of the whole project execution planning, also preparing the documentation for main EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) contract or selection, key to obtain a FID (final investment decision).
The Front End Design engineering is dedicated to process studies including process technology selection, process and utility configuration, and optimizations for a cost minimization, supporting documentation for permits and funding, EPC execution planning including EPC cost estimate, EPC Schedule, EPC tendering document, and basis of detailed design and engineering document.

Technology for vegetable oil Plants

technology oilseed preparation cmbernardini
Oilseed Preparation

Optimization of seeds for extraction, through processes like cracking, flaking, cooking-conditioning and pre-pressing.

Oil extraction cmbernardini technology
Oil Extraction

Top level technologies and processes to obtain excellent vegetable oils through cold pressing and solvent extraction.

technology Oil & Fats Refining cmbernardini
Oils & Fats Refining

Processes to obtain the best products reducing to a minimum the requirements of energy and bleaching earths, floor area and labor.

technology Oleochemical cmbernardini

High quality oleochemical processes including fat splitting, fatty acids distillation and fractionation.

technology biodiesel

Technologies and products particularly efficient in the biodiesel and biofuel production, obtained from renewable sources.

technology special plant cmbernardini
Special Plant

Design and realization of tailor-made plants, following every kind of customized production needs of customers.