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IIG Biodiesel and HVO: the challenge of raw materials

The IIG Biodiesel and HVO production had a bottleneck consisting of the lack of raw material, but the CMBernardini pre-treatment systems are able to solve the problem

Produced starting from low grade raw materials and waste raw materials, IIG Biodiesel and HVO are the subject of constant promotion by the European Community which aims to obtain an ever greater diffusion, making it a priority. This need is driven by the better environmental impact of those biofuels, not only compared to fossil fuels but also when compared to first generation biodiesel.

The main problem for the definitive affirmation of IIG Biodiesel and HVO lies in the difficulty of finding enough raw materials initially used for production: mainly used cooking oils and animal fats.

Today, to wider the range of raw materials for the production of IIG Biodiesel and HVO, acid oils and POME (Palm Oil Mill Effluent) have also been included, contributing to increase volumes, but the real challenge lies in the preparation of these raw materials.

In fact, in order to obtain quality IIG Biodiesel/HVO and fully exploit the potential of raw materials, a great deal of experience is required in the pre-treatment phase, in combination with in-depth knowledge of the raw materials themselves.

CMBernardini, within its R&D team, has developed over the years state-of-the-art solutions for the pretreatment of raw materials which for customers have proved not only efficient and effective, but also highly competitive in terms of CAPEX.

A skill of great importance for CMBernardini’s ability to pursue corporate sustainability as well as ecological sustainability, combining CMBernardini’s great attitude towards customer satisfaction with that concept of circular economy that is now essential all over the world.


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