cmbernardini iigbiodiesel

IIGBiodiesel: a new end-to-end production plant in Western Europe

It’s going to begin the second step of a CMBernardini project for the construction of a IIGBiodiesel plant.

The first step was the realization of a pre-engineering study carried out by CMBernardini on behalf of the customer, in order to verify that there were all the conditions to proceed with the development of a project that could meet the Customer’s needs.

Once the preliminary analysis phase has been completed, the Customer has therefore assigned to CMBernardini also the supply phase, which involves the Engineering & Procurement supply of a IIGBiodiesel plant having the following characteristics:


– Advanced feedstock pre-treatment section, which allows to process very low quality raw materials;

– Biodiesel production unit;

– Biodiesel distillation unit;


The new plant will be located in Western Europe and the completion of the supply by CMBernardini is expected by the end of 2021.

A completely tailor-made supply, entirely manufactured by CMBernardini in its own workshop.

Once again the combination of engineering excellence, continuous Customer care and design reliability makes CMBernardini not only a supplier but an ideal partner for a Customer who will be supported now and in the future.


Contact us and discover how CMBernardini can help you to develop your project in the IIGBiodiesel field.