In-house workshop


CMBernardini’s production workshop is able to realize autonomously critical equipment and plants components, such us: distillation column, splitting column, scrubbers, shell and tube heat exchangers, reactors, vessels, and also extractors, toasters, conditioners, cookers, redlers; everything under its own complete and direct supervision with high construction quality, deep expertise and the highest delivery speed.

Our knowledge and our professionals make possible to create tailor made plants to fulfil a huge range of requests from our clients.

Our workshop is equipped with modern machines and cutting-edge equipment for mechanical polishing. All welding procedures, both manual and automatic, are qualified and approved by national and international institutions. The possibility to control the end-to-end process enable us to achieve and guarantee the best in class quality, in terms of:

Construction quality

Since the beginning of its history, CMBernardini made growing its reputation making state-of-the-art systems. To obtain that, the company has always used best materials, best technologies and a great attention to create plants in fully compliance with legal requirements all over the world.


We can supply a customized services thanks to our know-how, achieved during more than 60 years spent in the field of Oils & Fats industry. CMBernardini has a deep experience with plant automation by integrated computer systems.

Delivery speed

Our excellence would be useless without a strong respect for the primary need of customers: be able to start production and commercialization in the shortest time. So, in addition to the quality of our systems, we always guarantee extremely fast deliveries worldwide, to fully satisfy the needs of our clients.

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