Solvent Extraction: the “Zero Effluent” challenge won by CMBernardini Technology

For those of us at CMBernardini, who are used talking about big numbers, it might seem unusual to explain the satisfaction of having obtained a “zero”. When it comes to solvent extraction, zero is a number that can only make us smile, because it is the quantity of effluents that our extraction plants release into the environment.

Zero effluent is our standard, an absolute level of quality that CMBernardini has reached after years of study and research oriented towards a strong and primary objective: the environmental sustainability.

Sustainability is the center of our design philosophy, leading us to achieve total recirculation and reuse of liquid effluents, which are reintroduced into the production cycle, with the purpose to represent a great advantage both for the environment and for the Customers.

Through CMBernardini’s technology, in fact, a total recovery of the liquid effluents is ensured, which are conveyed into specific units of the extraction plant.


A solution that allows:


– Strong savings on operating costs (OPEX)

– Avoid releasing liquid effluents into the environment


To give an idea of the positive impact of this technology, take as an example a medium-sized solvent extraction plant, which produces about 1,000 TPD. In this case, CMBernardini’ solution recovers about 20,000,000 liters of water per year, which without using our technology would become polluting effluents released into the environment.

Once again CMBernardini shows that sustainable business evolution is possible, and that it can also represent a great advantage for our Customers.


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