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World water day: how to reduce water waste

Today is World Water Day. For CMBernardini it is not just a celebration, but a constant alarm that reminds us of how essential it is to strive to minimize water waste. An essential element, for life before most human and industrial activities. CMBernardini, over the last few years, has constantly optimized its technologies that involve the use of water, with a view to that corporate and ecological sustainability that must…

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Revamping of vegetable oil refinery plant: on the Green Deal road

The revamping of vegetable oil refinery plant is another step on the "green road” to energy saving and environmental sustainability for CMBernardini. The next revamping is ready to start in Middle-East. CMBernardini keeps on going towards a future of wellness for the planet and for all of us, sharing its culture of respect and protection of the environment applied to the industrial field with another step forward. One of our…

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