cmbernardini team importance

The multicultural strength of CMBernardini Team

The main strength of CMBernardini is the team. Our vision, skills and know-how are the result of the work of a group of people who, over the years, have been absolutely dedicated to achieve a shared goal: to offer excellence to our Customers. The powerful sense of teamwork that characterizes the union and collaboration of our staff, is strongly motivated by continuous intergenerational dialogue. Our seniors pass on the traditional company values and technical skills with passion to our juniors; in return, the freshness of the new generation helps the continuous exchange with different points of view, which keeps our mind always open to continuous social changes and technological advances.

This is how the CMB family is composed in its precious inclusive shape, enriched by global different cultures.

Working with a group of people from all over the world represents a formidable opportunity for us to grow on a corporate level and, at the same time, offer our Clients an extremely interesting and complete “customer experience”.

In fact, thanks to this valuable multi-cultural asset, the ability to provide advanced customer support has become one of our most appreciated features among CMB’s partners.

The ability to offer high-level engineering skills and state-of-the-art technologies would not have been enough if we had not understood the fundamental importance of the human factor. Being close to our Customers, wherever they are and whatever their cultural background, has proved to be a unique support for the growth of our company, but at the same time it has given us incredible richness on a human level.

CMB employs native speakers who are able to respond in more than 10 different languages, including those of South-East Asia, China, India, Middle East and Eastern Europe

However,  it is not only important for us to be able to speak in the language of our Clients, but also to create a comfortable project environment, by following their cultural patterns and habits. Having a clear picture of the logic and dynamics of each Country is a plus that helps us to offer even more incisive and effective assistance.

In an increasingly global and multicultural perspective, CMB has made – and continues to make – cultural integration one of its founding values ​​and perhaps the most precious in giving its business a bright future, with people who make the difference.