Turnkey IIG Biodiesel distillation plant project ongoing

The construction of the largest biodiesel distillation plant in Italy continues unabated. It’s the result of a project totally designed and made by CMBernardini in Italy. A structure that is rapidly taking shape and will soon be able to start its own production activity.

Made for a leading group in the biofuels sector in Italy, it is a turnkey and tailor-made project, the result of the work of CMBernardini designers and engineers. A technological excellence at the state of the art in the field of biofuels.

This plant has a strong green connotation, since, in addition to allowing the production of sustainable fuels, it allows to optimize consumption and to obtain highest quality glycerin. Also in this case thanks to a totally tailor-made turnkey solution created by CMBernardini.

A result that CMBernardini is proud to be able to offer thanks to a mix of know-how and engineering skills, essential for creating scalable cutting-edge technologies.


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