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World water day: how to reduce water waste

Today is World Water Day. For CMBernardini it is not just a celebration, but a constant alarm that reminds us of how essential it is to strive to minimize water waste. An essential element, for life before most human and industrial activities.

CMBernardini, over the last few years, has constantly optimized its technologies that involve the use of water, with a view to that corporate and ecological sustainability that must be taken into account in every process.

Not only the quantity, but also the quality is fundamental. Because the purpose of CMBernardini is to consume less water as possible and, when it comes to returning it to the environment, to ensure that it has no ecological repercussions.

Systems such as the one for the removal of sulphates from the effluent water from soapstock splitting effluent or the rationalization of processes for the constant reuse of the same water are just some of the numerous examples of  our absolute attention to this issue.

A constant evolution that the CMBernardini R&D Team continues with a view to increasing adherence to the circular economy but also to offer Clients, all over the world, solutions that can function optimally regardless of the lack of local water resources. where the refining plants and production plants are located.

Discover our technologies for optimizing the waste water and contact us to find together the production solution suitable for your Company!